Welcome Love to "Journey Back to Me"!!!

I am honored to have you join and follow my blog. This blog is a blog of vulnerability. I will be telling my story of how I made my "Journey Back to Me". This blog may make you feel all the emotions; laughing, crying, joy, anger, and even empathy. This journey will be therapeutic and healing. My goal is to share it with you because if you are here, then you are definitely looking for something or even a sign to start your healing journey yourself.

Healing is linear because let's face it; we never stop healing. There is always something that we have to heal and grow from. We have to make the decision if we are ready to heal. Healing is TOUGH!!! It is a lot of work. One day you may feel like you are on top of the world. You may feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. The next day, you may feel like you are starting over and back at square one. It's ok to start over as many times as you need to but do not give up!

The key to starting this journey is being honest with yourself. You CANNOT beat around the bush with yourself. Face it head-on and deal with it. Do not suppress your feelings or emotions. It is very important to acknowledge them and move through them. Extend yourself grace and take charge!

I plan to give you some tips on how I started my journey, what I did to help me through this journey, and how I am still growing and learning. So sit back and enjoy my personal self-admiration journey!

Again, welcome!

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