The Lion Who Thought He Was A Sheep

"There was a lion that grew up in a flock of sheep, and so he had no consciousness that he was a lion. He would bleat like a sheep, he'd eat grass like a sheep. The lion had become a sheep by association. One hot day, the shepherd let the flock go to the river to have a drink. The lion that thought he was a sheep followed them into the water to drink as well. Suddenly, just across the river, appeared a large beast that the lion cub never seen before. The sheep panicked, leaped out of the water, and ran in the direction of the farm. The lion cub did the same. The beast made a sound that shook the forest and the shepherd could see that the beast held the lifeless body of a lamb from the flock in his mouth. Days passed, and the lion cub went back down to the river to drink. The beast showed up again. This time the lion cub saw a reflection of two beasts. The lion roared at the young lion and the young lion tried to make the sound. They did this several times until the young lion finally made the sound. After the young lion finally roared, the other lion asked was he coming? The young lion looked back at the flock, looked towards the lion and the unknown in the jungle, then made a decision to follow the lion. (author unknown)

When I read this story on my self-admiration journey, I knew that I could no longer downplay myself anymore. I couldn't downplay my power, my energy, my God-given talent to fit in with the masses. I know I was born to stand out and I knew that who I was, was something greater than fitting in. I had to re-discover myself just like the lion had to re-discover himself. I wasn't necessarily lost, I did not have to find myself. I had to tap into the person I was supposed to be. It's like dating yourself. You have to figure out your quirks, likes, and dislikes. I had to learn how to set boundaries and to also learn what were my trauma responses. I had to learn how to heal those traumas.

Some trauma responses that I had (didn't know at the time it was a trauma response) were people pleasing, perfectionism, putting others' wants, needs, emotions before my own, and always saying "yes" even when I did not want to do something. The hardest part of this journey was setting boundaries. Boundaries are a difficult thing to set. Contrary to what people may say, boundaries are hard to set because we are human and we never want to disappoint others. Now I give setting boundaries away like the air we breathe! Most importantly, I had to learn my worth and reteach people how they were going to treat me. If they did not want to treat me how I deserved to be treated, do you know what happened? You guessed it right! I cut them off without a second thought!

Yes cutting people out that don't serve your highest good is hard as well. I went through the grieving stage for some because of what they meant to me but the greater good of having my peace, feeling calm, and mentally healthy was WAYYYYYYYY more important. I started to become a better person in general, a better mother! I was more in tune with my emotions and was actually more present with my own boys. A little bit of quiet time without distractions to work on yourself, your healing, is way more valuable than anything in this world! Protect your peace at all costs!

Until next time loves!!!🥰🥰🥰

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